After starting to watch MLP:FiM back in December 2012, AHurdOfBronies' involvement with the fandom first started growing at a snail's pace, when he didn't want to call himself a "brony" until just a few months later. The first pony-related content he worked on, a MLP:FiM derivative fiction, wasn't even shown or released to anyone. But, over a year later in February 2014, in the midst of creating and releasing his own music on YouTube, he started making music relating to the show, and even taking some of his already-established works and labeling them under the pony name. In March 2014, his first MLP analysis video was published on YouTube, and AHurdOfBronies was born.


  • The moniker "AHurdOfBronies" comes from the creator's real name, Alex Hurd, using his first initial, last name, and Brony to resemble the phrase "A herd of bronies".
  • Alex started his YouTube channel in May 2008 under the name "PlayaL337" with no real idea of what kind of content he would release, but knew that he would eventually become a YouTube star.

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