A bit of a goof who more often than not will say or do something he doesn't like, AJ has been know to lend a hand to anyone who needs his help. His videos, in part, are centered around looking at the show form an autistic point of view, and if any of the characters in the show may have such disabilities.

He is also well know for his top ten AMWDW countdown. While not having the best audio, he does have plans to eventually fix it.

He is also close friends and will often be seen in the same video as Rose Pal, who also did his first co-lab video and provided his cutie mark. Prior to, he had a crush on Rose Pal, until he learned she was already shipped with post script. After a one-to-one with Lightning Bliss, he and Rosie are still close friends, and he is now currently shipped with a mutual friend of Rosie, Molly Chan.


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