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He originally joined the Analysis Community in hopes of making more friends through it. He started out with a reply to Nightsphere the Gnostic and later joined the Free Minded Bronies Podcast where he met Thunder Blur and Puzzle Brony. Soon after he joined the Rift.

His videos tend to stray away from reviews and focus more on analysis with a focus on philosophy, mythology and occultism. He also does podcasts and has been a frequent co-host of the Limbo Podcast.

Trivia Edit

  • Is a former Rift mod.
  • He is (in)famous in the Rift for being very promiscuous, particularly with his sense of humor.
  • Likes Occultism in real life, identifies loosely as Pagan and occasionally does tarot card readings.
  • Was originally named The Oneiromancer but changed his name to something he felt was easier to pronounce and remember.

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