" I'm Apple Frost and thank you for listening. "
My finishing phrase.

Hello fello Writers, Analysts, Voice actors, Animators and Song writers alike. My name is Apple Frost. You can just call me Frost or Frostie. I'm a n00b YouTube reviewer, reader (TheLostNarrator and Scribbler), fan-dub voice actress, and fanfic writer on FimFiction and Fanfiction.

Pleased to meet you all.


It wasn't easy trying to come up with a Ponysona that I like. I took quizzes, generators and they pointed me to being either a Unicorn or an Earth Pony. I started of with an Earth Pony because of the simplicity of the design, but there were too many. Unicorns and Alicorns will make me feel like a Mary-Sue. (No offence to Lightning Bliss, Firebrand, Eliyora, DaWillstanator and the other Alicorn and Unicorn OCs.)

So, I looked up other species to look for something unique and speaks to me. Dragons came to mind, but I wasn't very certain. Then Bat Ponies became canon in Luna Eclipsed. I took a look at the Bat Pony OCs in Derpibooru and they fit what I was looking for in a personification of myself, as a real life person. A Child of the Night with short hair, and a love dark colors.


As you can tell by my name, yes I'm a member of the Apple Family. But I was born in a family of mixed species. My mother, Spiced Cider, was a Unicorn. My biological father, McGuinness (As in the Irish drink), was a Pegasus. So my younger sister, Apple Lily, was a Unicorn, like our mother. And my step-father, Strong Heart, was an Earth Pony. A regular Big McIntosh that one.

I inherited my Bat Pony genes from my uncle, Mutsu Ginger. And was named after my mother's grandmothers, Apple Aura Ginger and Mintie Frost.

My sister and I were born in the Griffish Isles, but moved into Ponyville to get away from our abusive father, and my step-father got a job opportunity in construction and repair. My mother got a job in teaching foals and Ponies with special needs. My sister works with Pinkie Pie, no matter how much she hates the Pink Party Pony. Me? I live happily in my parents' basement and trying to get my life on track.

So far... I'm not having much luck yet.


You want to know what I look like? Well... Okay.

I'm basically your average Bat Pony with a few traits that makes me unique to the other Bat Ponies. Like Blissie with her large ears, petite figure and leonine tail. I have a tall, slender build, similar to Keyframe, the half-way height between Luna and Celestia. A stronger shaped muzzle similar to Luna and Celestia. Hooded eyes similar to Coco Pummel. Unshorn fetlocks on my black hooves.

My fur color is a dark ravenette color. White freckles under my eyes and across my muzzle. My eyes are a hazel, near green color with the traditional narrow pupils. Pastel green short mane, styled in a pixie flare and long bangs hanging over my eyes. Pastel green tail with deep green tips. The membranes of my wings match my mane.

Due to my height, stature and color co-ordination, I'm often mistaken for a Thestral. The Ponies of Death. So, I'm constantly correcting them on the difference between Bat Ponies and Thestrals... Or I keep quiet and let them believe I'm around just waiting to take their soul to the Ethereal Plane.

Now for my clothes and accessories. I wear a pair of black-framed glasses over my eyes. A dark grey scarf around my neck. And a black, short-sleeved hoodie with indigo sleeves.

As for my Cutie Mark, I have three, purple wisps. It indicates my spiritual views and, sometimes, fiery temper. I have multiple talents, and I thought that wisps would best represent them. ^_^


Well... Where to start with what I'm like? I'm stubborn as a dang mule (No offence), nearly as shy as Fluttershy, I'm very introverted. I spend most of my time writing fics and playing video games, so I'm a bum.

I have low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and complete disregard for my own sanity and life for the happiness of others. To put simply, I'm a very nice girl with social and emotional insecurities.

I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I'm 100% Straight Edge girl with a gentle heart and tries to speak her mind without getting glared, hurting other people, or getting told to shut up.

But, once you get to know me, I can be kind, sweet, smart, and a tad bit chatty. I can learn from my mistakes, even if it's quite rare.

Basically, I'm Fluttershy, Raven (Teen Titans), Silver the Hedgehog, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack merged into one girl with social problems and a dark sense of humor.

I think I need to talk to Dr. Wolf and ask for an appointment at some point...


  • Is an Atheist with spiritual views. Not a Buddhist!
  • Favorite color is dark and cool tones: Black, green, blue and purple. With the exception of red.
  • Favorite Mane 6 Character is Fluttershy and Applejack.
  • Favorite Princess is Luna (Literal Child of the Night).
  • Favorite Non-Pony Character is Zecora.
  • Favorite Background Character is Ditzy Do/Derpy Hooves/Muffin Mare and Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3.
  • Graduated high school with a the highest score in her science class.
  • Is 4th Generation of a family in the British Royal Navy Services. (My great-grandmother, grandfather and uncles have served the Royal Navy.)
  • Grew up watching shows from the most known voice actors: Tara Strong. Cree Summer. Seth Green. Greg Cipes. Clancy Brown. Rob Paulson. Kevin Conroy. Tom Kenny. Will Friedle. Mae Whitman. Dante Bosco. John DiMaggio. Mark Hamill. Kevin Michael Richardson. ECT.
  • Is a bit of a pyromaniac.
  • Talented in science and languages. She is almost fluent in French, Spanish, Japanese and roughly understands German, Russian and Korean.
  • Has terrible astraphobia/brontophobia (Fear of thunder, lightning or storms).
  • In real life, Apple Frost is your typical geek/nerd. Glasses, smart, introvert, loves comic books, manga and pale complexion.
  • Favorite Superheroes are Batman and Martian Manhunter from DC Comics and X-Men from Marvel.
  • Is a huge fan of cartoons, video games, anime and World Wrestling Entertainment.
  • Favorite WWE Superstars are Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lita, Sting, The Hardy Boyz, CM Punk and Paige.
  • Has an IQ of 152.
  • Is a huge Whovian and Trekkie.
  • Is a slight pro in video games, but has a weakness with First-Person Shooter games.







Discord: AppleFrost#2186.



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