Passion is an artist, a future reviewer, a semi-gamer, and a nerd on TV. What does that mean? Well... she repeats anything from TV that she has watched more that 3 times. But that's not the point. Pashy has always wanted to review but never had the time, the patience, good equipment, blah blah blah... But her main passion is creativity. From art, to singing, to dancing, to art itself, Pashy loves all kinds of creativity.


  • She gets bullied and harassed often, but she has great friends, family, and a boyfriend who are there for her.
  • Her laugh is annoying to some but cute to others.
  • She hates being called cute, adorable, hot, or sexy.
  • She is often shipped with Misanthro Pony.
  • In a canon relationship with Poke Brony since July 6th.

Her Friends! (If You're Not Mentioned, She Still Loves You All!)





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