BefishProductions joined the fandom back in 2011, but mostly became a big part of it when her current deviantART was started, back in late 2014. She's mostly known for her art, as she is a freelance artist. Though she has appeared in other things, like two panels with FluffyMixer at FillyCon and BronyCon 2016.

She mostly only uses her Youtube for speedpaints for her bigger projects, and her smaller projects, or her commissions, and most everything else is left around her deviantART, which is her most successful account. She tends to keep updated with little doodles of her own OC, Befish, or doodles of show characters, or the odd commission she gets. So, you can definitely find lots of OCs around her page.

She has also been a guest artist at one convention, known as Crystal Mountain Pony Con, and has done their posters for 2015 and 2016, and was their Art Lead for 2017.

She also has worked on small projects in the past for concept for shows she has wanted to start, or shows she currently works on (that also haven't started). This includes two concepts she was working on called Cartoonish Couple and Super Secret Maria, and a webshow a friend of her owns which has been put down for now, called Pablo's Corner.

As for information about her around the Rift Cafe, she joined back in early 2015. she is in both the Skype and Discord groups, but only hangs around the Discord group for the most part, so that's where you'll most likely find her. She moderated the Rift Cafe Discord from April 2017 all the way to November 2017. She then stepped down due to her still having two other chatrooms to take care of, and wanted to go back to just feeling like a normal member of the community. You can still find her currently in both the Skype and Discord chatrooms.


  • She has gone through many usernames in the past, including OMGKESWICKOVERLOAD, Keswickis--Mine, NightmareFan1212, SarahBefish2013, etc. (Not in that order)
  • Befish means Beaver and a Fish, which was something kids used to call her in Middle School to make fun of her, but she used it as her own name cause it sounded cool
  • Befish Doodle is not actually BefishProduction's PonySona. Her PonySona is named after herself, Sarah. You can find her here.
  • Her deviantART, being her most popular account, has 1,817 followers as of when this is being edited.
  • Her original OC, Mist Blitz was neon green and had purple hair.
  • The first fandom she was in was the T.U.F.F Puppy Fandom (if that wasn't obvious)
  • Next to moderating the Rift, she also has her own Discord server, Befish's Dork Cafe, and moderates for the Fluffle Puff and Friends Discord Server.
  • She has been to and made the following contributions to these conventions:
    • A Vendor at ROTLcon 2015
    • A panelist with FluffyMixer at both BronyCon and FillyCon in 2016
    • The main poster artist at Cyrstal Mountain Pony Con in 2015 and 2016
    • Helped with the Crystal Mountain Pony Con table at both FanX and BabsCon in 2017
    • Art Lead for Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2017
    • Shared a table with Waffle Wishes at BronyCon 2017
    • Going to vend at High Roller Pony Con 2018







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