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Blackbird is one of the smaller channels in the bronalysis community. His videos are made with incredibly low end equipment; among them, Pony Maker and Windows Movie Maker. However, these harsh limitations have forced Blackbird to become creative to work his away around them. As such, he considers himself the Ed Wood of the bronalysis community. As a result of his low production values, he is one of the most prolific analysts in the fandom.

He has undergone many drastic OC changes. Starting with a red and black Pegasus, who later transformed into a female Alicorn, who's since been split into his second alter ego, Empress Batty, and the current white-hatted Balckbird OC.

If that wasn't confusing enough, Blackbird also has a litany of other OCs who show up for the occasional video based around an original story arc.

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  • He has had multiple OCs over the course of his career. From a red and black Pegasus, to the red-black Alicorn Birdie, to the crrent white-hatted Balckbird OC.
  • He is the only known analyst to have multiple alter-egos. Including Blackbat and Empress Batty
  • Is an ardent defender of Pony Maker

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