Blue was a simple pony who has a pretty high intelligence level. He went to Peach Blossom Elementary School located in Neighgasaki. After an incident at Aozora Middle School, he went home to think and realized he was happy without a cutie mark.  Years later, he gained his mark. An orb emitting light that represents the passions he has. After he graduated, he started working full time as a baker in the Rift City bakery.

Blue is a member of the Rift City and creates art and streams it and creates speedpaints. When he's not at his tablet drawing, he may be writing a story or script or he may be singing or recording audio. If not at any technological item, he's at band on trombone (which he agrees with joshscorcher that it is the superior instrument) or marching baritone. While he does have autism, he doesn't let it affect who he is. 


  • He was born at the end of Dia De Los Muertos and was conceived on Valentine's Day.
  • Mostly active on DeviantArt under the name ponymiku.
  • Has a specific case of Ligyrophobia involving fire alarms due to a traumatic event in the second grade. 
  • Uses MediBang Paint to do his art and to make his vectors. 
  • Wears a school uniform because he likes the fashion of it. 
  • His voice is due to an incident in 8th grade choir when the teacher had people who were sick come in to perform, otherwise she would fail them, causing several of the people to become ill and he got Pertussis, Influenza, and Strep Throat, which he found out 2 days after the concert, which messed up his voice permanently. 
  • Is a big fan of the Precure franchise. His favourites are Heartcatch Precure, Smile Precure, Happiness Charge Precure, Kira Kira Precure À la Mode, and Star Twinkle Precure. 
  • Is learning how to speak in Japanese 
  • Uses a color system for his moods. Even going as far as using the streak in his OC's mane and tail. 
  • Most popular series on his channel is his Prismatic SpeedPaints. He also has two other series called Prismatic Art Real Time and Song Spectrums. He did do one episode of a series called Prismatic Playthrough, but that idea has been thoroughly scraped due to the time it takes.  
  • Is a big K-Pop fan (Blink, Merry-go-round, A.R.M.Y., Once, Sone, Pink Panda, V.I.P, iGot7, and many others)  
  • He chose the name Blue Prism because he loves the color blue and has a personality of a prism.  
  • Is an avid believer in the zodiacs.

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