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Brawny spent most of his life learning about storytelling, theater, fitness and photography.  He's had many jobs rooted in one or more of these hobbies.

He became a fan of Friendship is Magic in December of 2010 and observed the fandom until July 2012.  When several lifestyle changes and injuries left him with a lot of free time, he delved deeper into the fandom and took a particular interest in reviews and analysis.

Finding that he often disagreed with the methods of reviewing and points made by Digibrony, Bronycurious and AnY - Brawny resolved to use his new free time to produce content rebutting what he believed to be flawed analysis or address issues within the fandom.  This concept became Brony Debates.


  • Although he was trained in film production and directing; Brawny spent a month relearning editing softwares before recording his first video.  He is still learning.
  • Swift Yuki ( is an online friend who introduced Brawny to the show.  She also helped him relearn Photoshop and has provided art for various productions. She has appeared as her OC (Northwind) in "A Buck to the Face - Friendship is Magic."  Northwind was the pony who rescued Brawny's comatose body from the blizzard on Canterlot mountain.
  • Dillon has helped Brawny on numerous occasions with special effects.  He also provided the flash puppets that Brawny uses for his videos.
  • "A Buck to the Face" was a series title suggestion from Storm Analysis.
  • "Moral of the Story" scripts often come from the combination of Bible study and applied first/second-hand experiences from Brawny's life.
  • Brawny has led photography staff for Everfree Northwest and Grand Brony Gala.
  • Every time he appears with Evan Bernardi of Mystery Brony Theater 4000, Evan gets hurt in some way.  Usually by accident.
  • Canonically, Brawny's family consists of two parents, an older brother, a younger sister and a pet rabbit.  However, his real life family is much larger and does not know he's a brony.
  • "Memoir on the Mountaintop" parallels many events from Brawny's life.  However, their presentation was summarized for time and more violent details were toned down to better fit the Friendship is Magic universe.
  • Brawny has a tendency of saying Princess Celestia in the tone and forcefulness in the quote "Leroy Jenkins" from a World of Warcraft Gaming video on Youtube especially when charging headfirst into danger any chance he gets too.