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Background (Developing the British Brony)

Before discovering the Analysis Community, Ewan Wallace was a simple minded unknown Brit who was into Doctor Who. In January 2013, he watched the PONY.MOV series, and eventually became a brony after discovering Friendship is Magic, the show PONY.MOV was based on. Later on, Ewan found a couple of analysts, and became hooked on reviews.

After some development on his character, 'British Brony's first review came out in April 2014, and he has continued to make reviews ever since. He joined the Rift Cafe in December 2014, after 5 reviews and an Editorial, and collaborated with some of the bronalysis community, including AntonyC, Voice of Reason, Keyframe, and many more!


As quoted from Brit's OC Backstory Commission which he commissioned from Sparkle Chord:

This is Crimson Blaze, a local artist currently residing in the own of Ponyville. Born and raised in Canterlot, he got his cutiemark at a young age after realising he could create great artwork with the magic in his horn. He was ultimately inspired, in his first ever drawing, by the Summer Sun Celebration and the sun rising high in the sky. He continued to live in Canterlot for a few years, offering services as a freelance portrait artist before moving to Ponyville, where he now not only draws his fellow ponies, but also some of the dazzling sites around him.

Crimson is a kind, friendly pony, as well as creative and, deep in conversation, a bit funny too. Although his art isn't the greatest in all of Equestria, ponies who commission him are happy enough with the results. 

His horn is the key to his art, its levitation magic allowing him to 'hold' his pencil/paintbrush when drawing. Unlike most ponies, while he does reside in Ponyville, he has never interacted with the so-named 'Mane 6' in their adventures, though he may have once or twice drawn a couple of them in business terms.”


  • When Brit first started YouTube, he tried to make a series called 'Shadow Academy', but failed after some copyright notices on the music.
  • Brit has a lot of affection towards the Nostalgia Critic: the animated intro is based on the current Nostalgia Critic intro (including the song), and he even has a Critic cosplay.
  • Ewan's art style is based on the popular YouTube webtoon, Eddsworld.
  • His character's cutie mark is a drawing created by the late Edd Gould (whom was also a fan of MLP)
  • He has Aspergers Syndrome in real life.
  • His pointy pony OC has cameoed in The Shipping Game, sitting inbetween Heartsong and Mad Munchkin
  • The equipment used for his reviews included Windows Movie Maker to edit, a headset to record lines, and Pony Creator to design his OC (based on his black hair and love for the colour red).
  • 'Brit Ish Brony' was the character's original name, but changed to Crimson Blaze after Brit realised how stupid that sounded.
  • He is a full time Whovian, and used to watch the Gerry Anderson shows Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet as a kid (but is still a fan).
  • DaWillstanator and Toon Kritic were two of the first YouTubers Brit watched back in 2007/08. At the time, Will was known as missoliverandblossom, and Toon had only begun reviewing cartoon related content such as Sly Cooper and Pajama Sam.
  • He usually reviews episodes, but on occasion, he does analysis (like discussing the Equestrian News with Looney Turtle).
  • Other content on his channel and DeviantArt includes Game Grumps Animated, animated versions of selected moments from the gaming channel Game Grumps, and Analyst Drawings, where Ewan draws one analyst/reviewer on Adobe Flash with their respective channel backgrounds (example in ComicSansPony's gallery).
  • Ewan has not made a review since 2015/2016 due to commit to college and work. The fate of Crimson has been left unknown, but it is likely he won’t return to MLP as he is way behind and lacks interest in the show. Plans are in mind for reviews on other media or an audio series based on the popular British show Doctor Who.





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