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The Reviewing Room (design from Read It and Weep to present)

The Channel[]

This is the fictional home of British Brony in the universe of the Rift Saga. It's not much, but it has decent accommodation. So far, the 'Reviewing Room' has only been seen, but offscreen, Brit has his own room where he chills out and writes new reviews.

When he's not in his room, Brit is on board his TARDIS, which he will use to travel through time and space once he sorts out all the bits of machinery....


  • The original colours of the Reviewing Room background were black. There's no real reason why, it was just black. In the Spike At Your Service review onwards, however, it was changed to grey. In Brit’s last review, BB redesigned the background to a shade of red;this would have been how the Room looked in further reviews.
  • Brit got his TARDIS from a piece of TARDIS coral, and grew his own from there. By shatterfrying the plasmic shell, he managed to fully grow it in no time. It appears as a police box on the outside, and houses a similar design to the coral interior used in 2005-2010 in Doctor Who. It was meant to first appear in the Read It and Weep review, but this was never completed/released to YouTube.


British Brony