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BronyMaster first created his channel in August of 2013 under the name "RainbowDashDealWithIt" for simply browsing MLP videos. He changed it to BronyMaster in September of 2013. He began making videos in the first half of Season 4, and made videos almost every week for the rest of the season. He joined the Rift Café in January 2014, and collaborated with Storm Analysis on "Leap of Faith". He was also in the Crepuscular Bronies Discuss podcast #66 with Silver Quill for the same episode.

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His first video MLP:FiM S4E5 "Flight to the Finish" and Season 4 RANT by BronyMaster was uploaded on December 15th, and was a quick, unscripted rant. Another review about the episode "Bats!" was uploaded later in the month, yet both videos did not successfully upload.

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  • Before he became a brony, BronyMaster was an established anti-Brony. His disposition for My Little Pony eventually led to him being curious and he began to watch the show.
  • BronyMaster watched the first three seasons of MLP:FiM out of order.
  • BronyMaster takes influence from multiple sources, including Game Theory, Jeremy Jahns (a movie reviewer), and other Bronalysts.
  • BronyMaster is an avid Call of Duty player, which is unique considering many Bronalysts are known for playing Team Fortress 2.
  • BronyMaster also plays Minecraft, and is familiar with Command Blocks and Mapmaking techniques, and is currently working on a Puzzle Map.
  • In real life, BronyMaster is a talented Cross Country and Distance runner, earning his High School Varsity Letter in his freshman year.
  • He is also interested in Engineering Design.
  • Despite many aspects of his channel and OC being a yellow/gray/black color scheme, his favorite color is red.
  • His OC "Lightning" has the color scheme he does because it is the default color set for "The Fabulous Pony Maker", a game on Hasbro's website.

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