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Brush Stroke is fairly new to the Rift, she is a very creative pony who loves to express her ideas. Brush is a very likable mare, she has a huge sense of humor, she’s creative, she’s really nice and has this sort of contagious happiness. She also has a dark side to her, mainly because of the fact that she is A. adopted and B. she was abused in her youth. And even though she looks like a normal Earth Pony, that is not the case, she was actually a Pegasus in her youth and one day her Birth mother’s BF at the time injured her so badly to the point to where her wings were rendered useless and they had to be taken off. She was then placed with a new family who didn't really understand her, throughout her life she had to deal with put downs from everypony and her only way to escape the constant insults and putdowns was through creativity. And I'm not just talking about drawing, I’m talking about creativity of any medium. This did help Brush a lot and when she was of age, she left that house, moved to Ponyville, started working for Rarity, met a pegasus stallion who made up everything that she had lost in her youth and she never looked back.

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  • Brush Stroke is the creator/director of the fanfiction and audio series Instant Mom, she is also the author of Instant Mom's sequel Instant Teenager, Angel Wings, and a Crystal Shines.

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