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CadetRedShirt is an artist who likes to draw.

Okay. Cadet really likes to draw.

She also does a lot of voice acting, and is frequently working on voice-related projects. She also sings, sometimes.

She became a member of the Rift Cafe in August of 2016.

The story of her OC is a bit of a mystery, she exists in a sort of personal limbo ever since she was a filly, after her channel was almost taken by the Bots (see for context).

Since then, she has appeared in multiple videos and other people's channels, making art and song videos on her own channel on occasion.

Trivia Edit

  • The flags on her hairpins stand for the four important people in her life, representing those both deceased and alive.
  • She is absolutely blind without her glasses. DON'T steal them.
  • Don't call her "Red". She won't answer.

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