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  • Instead of traditional episode reviews, CC instead focuses on original topics and headcanon videos.
  • He did break this tradition by reviewing the audio series; Doctor Whooves and Assistant because of an open request by the show's staff.
  • As noted by many, Canned Cream is a blank flank. In his video Being a Blank Flank, CC revealed that he personally does not know what his talents are, and does not wish to give his OC a cutie mark until he figures out himself.
  • Self-proclaimed Luna's #1 fan, Canned Cream has a shrine dedicated to the princess in his channel.
  • After drinking distilled water from the mirror pond in an attempt to duplicate himself for a collab, CC created a doppelganger named Loathing, who is the physical manifestation of CC's negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Even though Canned Cream and AnY Pony maintain a joking 'rivalry' between one another, AnY actually gave CC his initial start; not only providing the inspiration to start his channel, but by also promoting his videos very early on.
  • He is currently in training to join the Night Guard.
  • Canned's pony OC makes a brief cameo in the Tumblr comic "Lovestruck Derpy".

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