Chokfi is a small rabbit annalist, who specializes in Culture based Analysis as well as head cannons.

Born over 2000 years ago, the small trickster has lived hundreds of lifetimes and has had a lot of adventures. But, given his trickster abilities, these were not always as a rabbit. He was born during the week long night of the first rise of nightmare moon, kicked out of his tribe due to superstitions about black kits with read eyes. Forced to leave he immediately learned to live through the harshest means... eating thistle and rose, though they cut him, to keep himself alive during the bad times.

Over the next few years he was a constant thorn in the side of the other animals of the woods. He stole from them and tricked them into giving him things for tasks that really weren't worth what he got... although he had to learn his craft slowly, starting out getting tricked by deceitful and older animals, which lead him to his gruff attitude. It was like this until he eventually came to meet a deer who knew beast-speak, and Chokfi traveled with him to his home.

During a ritual to enter the tribe, Chokfi was given the title Serpent, as he had a vision of a serpent giving him his porpoise. He eventually learned to speak like the dear, learning an ability that was known as allspeak. He was then able to communicate with all the beasts, and with all the ponies and things in his path. This allowed him to become stronger in his tricks and gain all his abilities.

After over 1500 years of this, he eventually settled down in new York where he holds a colonial apartment worth over a hundred times what he pays for it because of his anciant lease. He uses all his spare money to take classes and learn things because knowledge is the most useful tool. Though he does still have a trickster side, occasionally trying to bug other annalists, up to and including total destruction.

Gaining his powers through the evocation of the Serpent, or the trickster spirit (lit - Loki), he can do a large amount of things. While he did have to trick his way into each of these abilities, their story isn't always revealed. Each of these abilities are powers relating to various tricksters in history. Having stolen fire from Celestia herself, he can manipulate fire to a fine degree. However this power can be limited due to his small form not being able to handle the raw magic needed to use it continuously. Chokfi is also able to transform himself at will. Weather this is illusion or true transformation is unknown. He can use this to become another species, like a pony, or to become female. (Loki)


  • Is a big fan of Fallout Equestria.





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