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UK Lad, made pony videos then got introduced to the Rift Café by Vida.

Decided to quit because making Youtube videos wasn't fun anymore. Went and got a job, getting married soon and going to finish travelling the world after seeing so much already.

Respects a lot of people in the fandom, thinks a lot of others are just pointless to existence and really need to grow up.

Found out Vida was a pedo today, that's pretty wild. I miss some of the old guys like Corp. I even see Missanthropony posting on political threads on twitter (man's a wild one) So I'm married now, kinda in a weird spot figuring out what to do in life. Making good money (way more than FNGR used to flash on cams) but not happy at the job. Hope everyone from the old rift cafe is doing well.


  • White
  • English
  • Got a pretty cute girlfriend
  • Wasn't bullied too much
  • One of the 10% of creators that put effort into their videos
  • PFC made him edgy