Cobalt is a Blue Jay Hippogryph. He does "Your Hippogryph with Talon't" and hosts "Analytical Talon't". His theme is "Metallingus" by Alter Bridge, commonly known as the "Rate R Superstar Edge's entrance theme". He is self proclaimed the "Rated R Reviewer".

A long time ago, there was a mango merchant Griffon who lived in Featherton, who met a stallion from Manehattan. They spent many moons giving each other gifts, from hats and scarfs to pies and pastries. One day the Mango Merchant got word that there was a blight on the isles and if it wasn't for her waywardness, she too would have fallen ill. The Blight had hexed the trees and had flooded the ports with waves of mangoes. The mango merchant wept for trees that lay broken due to the calamity.

That was how Cobalt's mom met her husband. Born in the main isle of Featherton, Cobalt grew on a farm away from the orchards, as due to the blight, the orchards were moved off from the mane isle, and since the main isle was used solely for industrial production of mango related products. He moved to Ponyville and his dad works as a Taxi Driver in Manehattan.

Deep in the consciousness of Cobalt, is the one called Vermillion. He is a trickster, armed with a black umbrella and fueled by Cobalt's faults and flaws. His sole purpose is to punish Cobalt for his mistakes as well as others that get caught up in his madness.


  • He is a Toronto Blue Jays fan.
  • His Channel use to be called "ExquisiteMint" after his old OC who was a yellow pegasus.
  • He hosted his Flagship panel, "Analysis, Feathers, and Talon't", 2 years in a row at a convention.
  • His First Collab video he was in was HydroCanon58's "Who's That Brony".
  • Cobalt lacks a cutiemark due to his Griffon heritage being more dominant than his pony heritage.
  • His Father has been rumored to be a taxi driver.
  • He loves cider.
  • Unlike Edge, the only spears he throws are artichokes.
  • Sometimes publicly is mistaken for a girl.
  • Is bisexual.





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