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Coolman Stan is a musician who makes Brony and non-brony music. He also has a minor role as a recurring character in ComicSansPony's show My 2 Bits.

Character (in My 2 Bits)

(Events will be added as they are revealed in My 2 Bits)

Before My 2 Bits

Early Life

Mostly unknown at this time however he did get his cutie mark after his first live performance.

Meeting Comic

Coolman met Comic and Text sometime after their jump to the future. They became fast friends and eventually rented an apartment in Manehatten.

Comic and Text eventually moved out and went back to Ponyville, though he did not question it when suddenly Comic and text returned. He figured it must have something to do with the internet spell Comic used to expand the small apartment.

After Being Introduced in My 2 Bits

Season 2

Coolman lived in the apartment unnoticed by Comic for 2 years, but didn't seem to mind. Though Text and Sans Serif did notice his presence. He was then noticed by Comic and finally got to co-host My 2 Bits.

On his way to a gig he stops by the review room and learns of Comic's new logo that he dreamt about. After learning of it, he comments that Comic needs to get out more. Comic asks if he wants to do another review, but due to his gig he can't.

A few weeks later he is discussing cutie mark stories with Comic and is confused as to how Comic is unabel to recall how he got his. Though when Comic begins to ignore him to talk with Shark, he leaves to do his own thing.

While Comic struggles to pay Jet's portion of the rent Coolman "gigs" are mysteriously high paying and enable him to pay his portion of rent on time.

He doesn't suspect the all expense paid trip to Canter Creek even if it is utterly convenient.

Ask the Cast of My Bits Reveals

  • openly welcomes clop fan art.
  • plays guitar in his free time
  • is currently writing a My 2 Bits theme song


  • Coolman's OC is drawn by MoombaTroopa
  • Coolman was ComicSansPony's friend before Comic made My 2 Bits.
  • Coolman was introduced in episode 38 of My 2 Bits.
  • Coolman is the only recurring character in My 2 Bits to operate his own channel.
  • Coolman is the only recurring character in My 2 Bits to be introduced with an existing swear jar debt. He owed 49 bits at his introduction.
  • Coolman currently owes 50 bits to the swear jar.
  • Coolman is able to play a bunch of different instruments.
  • Coolman's favorite pony is Rarity.
  • Coolman is a member of a currently unnamed and unshown band and goes to preform gigs occasionally.