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Corpulent Brony was introduced to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise by The Marefriend, who was curious about the reboot. She convinced him to watch an episode and, soon afterwards, he became hooked. He hid his power level for nearly 18 months before finally coming out as a brony. During Season 4, he was unhappy with the current state of the analysis community and decided to jump into the ring himself, applying the experience he has attained from a 16 year career as an analyst to the world of colorful talking cartoon horses.

In addition to his acclaimed analyses - which are syndicated on Ponyville Live - this king sized bundle of pony fun co-hosts the Equestria Now podcast with Owen and ShelDawG and is an occasional contributor to the pony news site Horse News.

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  • Corpulent lives in Orlando, Florida
  • He is widely despised by most of the analysis community
  • He is blacklisted from the Neighverland group
  • He has been together with The Marefriend since 2003
  • He knows Twilight Sparkle to be the best pony
  • He has visited all of the lower 48 US states and the Canadian provinces and has bought pony merch in nearly each one
  • His pony merchandise collection rivals most and he is believed to have more Twilight Sparkle plushes than anyone
  • Briefly became popular on Tumblr for a video post where he showed off his pony bathroom merchandise, thereby earning the new nickname "Bathroom Brony"
  • Has been named the Ultimate Brony by The Cringe Channel
  • Was declared #HorseFamous by show writer M.A. Larson

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