Danger is an edgelord. He frequently does TF2 style videos and was a member of the Underground Rift.

Backstory Edit

Danger was walking around in the Everfree Forest trying to find something to do that is until he heard a few gunshots along with screams of pain. Curiosity got the better of Danger and he went to investigate, after like a 5 minute walk he heard voices he stuck his head out from behind a bush and saw 6 Red Mercenaries being held hostage by Blue team members. Danger knew that if he didn't do something those people will die, so he looked around for anything he could use that is when he saw a Rifle with a Scope he reached over and grabbed it after he examined it he smiled and flew into a tree so he could get a better shot. But when he looked through the scope he saw a Blue Mercenary with a helmet hold a gun to a Red member's head. Danger lined up the shot he knew that if he shot the head of the Blue Mercenary then the bullet might reflect off so he aimed for the neck and without any hesitation he fired. Before the Blue Mercenary could say anything from a loud bang he was coughing up blood before he fell down dead, the rest of the Blue Team looked around for the source. In the tree's Danger smiled and saw a Red Member cutting the ropes with a knife. The Blue member with a hat and mic looked up and saw Danger before he could shoot him Danger flew down and hit the Blue member with the back of the rifle which might of killed him but he didn't stop there after he did that he saw the rest of the Blue team aim their guns at him and opened fired. A few bullets missed him but the rest got him in the chest, neck, head, legs, and wings. The Red team saw the pony that tried to help them fall with so many bullet holes and when the Blue team was laughing at the dead body the decided that they should finish off the Red team members. Danger woke up a few seconds after the turned around, he saw a knife and grabbed it before the Blue member with a flamethrower set the Red team on fire. Out of instinct Danger jumped up on the Blue member with the Flamethrower's back and stabbed him in the head before pulling the knife out and flew towards the last Blue member with a huge machine gun. The Blue member screamed but it was short Danger pushed the knife into the mouth so hard the blade came out the back of the head. After the last Blue member fell Danger checked the area to make sure no one else was near then he went and help the Red Mercenaries. Danger saw the Red team grab their weapons and decided to leave before anymore bullets where shot at him, but before he could get out of sight one of the Red team members stopped him. Danger sighed and looked back at the Red team, he was curious on what they wanted and but all they offered was if he wanted to join them. Danger was shocked he didn't know if it was a trap or not but since he didn't have a home or a family he agreed to being part of the team. It's been a few year's since Danger joined the team he even considered them as his family since he was friends with mostly all of them and that they went on missions a lot.

It was Danger's birthday and his friends threw him a party it was a lot of fun after a 20 minutes of partying the Announcer on the Speaker told us that the base is under attack so we got our gear and went to defend the base. Danger and his friends tried to hold them off but they couldn't before they knew it they where thrown back from the explosion, Danger hit a wall that was badly damaged and from the impact the wall collapsed on him. An hour later Danger woke up and managed to climb out of the rubble but he soon regretted leaving it what he saw was horrible. He saw that the explosion took mostly the whole front of the building what was suppose to be inside was now outside. He saw the gift's, cake, pictures, weapons, everything he loved and care for destroyed. At the corner of Danger's eye he saw his best friend Jacob. Jacob has been shot multiple times and was bleeding out so Danger ran to him with a first aid kit and tried to put pressure on Jacob's wounds Danger was heartbroken he had a family and a friend that was like a brother he didn't want his brother to die he tried so hard to put pressure on the wounds but Danger knew Jacob was going to die, just the thought of it made tears come down Danger's cheek, Jacob saw this and decided to talk to Danger before he died.

Jacob: H-Hey....Don't cry.....I-I just...want....t-to say...that...I wish...I could....s-stay...longer, is...running out.

Jacob lifted his hand and waved around and said.

Jacob: L-Look....around.....Dan..ger...this....p-place...i-is no....l-longer...y-your gone...and I....w-will...too.....we....w- will....miss..y-you.

Danger couldn't hold back the tears and started crying, he didn't want this to happen on his birthday along with the day he met his friend's.

Danger: P-Please don't go.....I-I already *hic* lost everything....I-I don't want to.....lose my brother.

Danger hugged Jacob again and this time Danger heard him crying, he felt a tear on his neck. Jacob knew it was getting harder to stay awake and he knew this was the last time he was going to see his brother again.

Jacob: I know...saying good.....bye hurts...bro...b-but do....i-is year....and b-brave....a-also....Happy...Birthday...Danger....

Danger burst out in tears as he felt Jacob's final words leave his body, he cried cursing at the people that did this to him on his birthday and to his family. He looked down at Jacob's body and closed his eyes before remembering all the fun times he had at the base with his friends, Danger slowly got up and dug a grave for all his friends he started crying harder and harder every time he had to bury a friend he also left all their favorite things next to the graves he made. When he was done burying his friends he looked back at the base that used to be his home, Danger saw a present that wasn't burned or destroyed he opened it and what he saw caused him to cry a little. It was a picture of him and his friends together, Jacob had Danger in a headlock and he was messing with Danger's mane while everyone was laughing. Danger stopped crying and grabbed his bags and decided to leave but before he left he done a ritual that will let him know if any intruder's enter the abandon base. Danger had one thing in his head before he left the base and that is Vengeance and Hate. he doesn't care how long it will take or if he has to kill innocent ponies or mercenaries he will find the people or ponies responsible and he will kill them. He is an absolute and utter edgelord.

Race: Dragon\Pony

Sex: Male

Dislikes: Wasting time one on place, and water, hugs, decency.

Likes: Backstabs, along with getting ponies or TF2 characters paranoid, Murder, being an Edgelord, porn.

Trivia Edit

  • Has a massive subcount compared to his average views.
  • Is also a member of The Rift City.
  • Needs to condense this page a bit.
  • Is weak to water.
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