I'm Daylover! And yes, I'm an alicorn. Get over it :P

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About me Edit

I love shipping ponies (best ship, of course, is SecondDay). I also love to make artwork and listen to heavy metal - my favorite band is Dethklok.

As contributing to the brony fandom goes, I mainly stick to my artwork, but I also do joint projects with The Rift and with my lovely boyfriend Second Opinion (who warned me not to write this in the first person... oh well). As far as videos go, I make small animations, as well as unscripted vlogs about my fan theories and personal opinions on various episodes. Occasionally, I sing.

My OC background story is given on both YouTube and DeviantArt. It's a personal story, hence why I stand by the part where she becomes an alicorn. And while we're at it, she's also fireproof - and queen of the Rainbow Knights :P

As I always say, inspiration is right around the corner. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. And if you're interested, check out my other pages, which I hope can add a little glimmer to your day. (But if you happen upon my vlogs, be warned, Danish is my first language, and this wiki page is easily the most well-spoken I will ever sound in English. I have Second Opinion to thank for that XD)

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