Cotton Candy is a sad earth pony. She has a beautiful, colorful, short mane with cute eye makeup and a clown costume. Cotton Candy is a sad clown but also a hetalia artist. After she gets home from work she will spend her time on drawing hetalia. Cotton Candy's artwork is a little sad. Nopony knows why is she sad or when she is or isn't sad. She loves to watch anime like DigiBro. She also does not speak but instead communicates by writing. Although, in the Halloween show, Dr. Wolf comforted Cotton Candy until it seemed she was about to speak, but before she could Dr. Wolf was teleported to the Nightmare Night party so we don't really know whether she can talk or not.

Her character is, as quoted from this page: "She grew up in a fancy family with 2 brothers. One day they decided to go to the circus and Cotton fell in love with the magic presentations and specially[sic] the clowns. After that, everytime[sic] they went she tried to get chosen to be one of the random audience participants and one lucky day, she got the chance to go up the stage and improvise, when she saw how people where[sic] laughing and enjoy[sic] it, she felt like thats[sic] what she was meant to do. She then decided to go to Ponyacci's school of clowning to become a whiteface clown and some day[sic] perform as a main character. For now she travels with the circus as the auguste clown substitute's substitute and sells cotton candy in a stand to kids before the show.she[sic] has been therapy visit[sic] with drwolf[sic] on[sic] the rift cafe she also make so many brony friends along the way. [sic]she also make background art for digibro[sic]"


  • Cotton occasionally jokes about her OC's real name being Illuminati.
  • Cotton Candy is also friends with DigiBro.
  • Cotton Candy is shipped with MrTomFox (Tom Clancey).






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