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Dizmund is a content creator who joined the brony fandom under the former alias "Night Writer" as a Twitter and Tumblr blog in 2014.

Dizaster Studios is a content group run solely by Dizmund that originated in 2016 after circumstances made Dizmund abandon his old online handle of "Night Writer", with the intention of building a team of his close-knit friends and associates for the purposes of entertainment and community betterment. As of 2019, Dizmund is still the sole member of Dizaster studios.

He started in the brony community as just another face in the crowd. Over time, with support from his (now ex) fiance he started to develop content, like art and brony analysis videos.

Over the years Dizmund abandoned the brony analysis format due to a lack of enjoyment of the format, instead adopting a more commentary/discussion format as of 2018.

As of February 2020, following the youtube coppa turmoil, Dizaster Studios is on hiatus in regards to video content, due to lack of ideas for engaging content.

AS of Bronycon 2019, Dizmund has stated that he has lost the inspiration to create brony content due to being stuck in the episode analysis format for too long. While still associating himself with the fandom to a degree, Dizmund has removed his previous brony analysis videos for the reason of video and content quality control, staring: "My old 'sona Night Writer was an edgy Gary-Stu, and that showed in my work, on top of using pony maker character stills, poor audio quality, and just overall terrible video quality, it was actually painful for me to watch them, so I removed them as a form of quality control."

In January 2020 Dizmund attempted to rejoin the content creator side of the fandom, but did not have any worthwhile content to make due to being very behind on the main series.

Currently Dizmund focuses more on improving his artistic skills stationed in the furry fandom, while still being a supporter of and still prides himself on being a brony, keeping numerous close ties with individuals in the fandom, both popular and not so much.

Trivia Edit

  • Dizaster's screen name was chosen purely because, in his words, "I'm a disaster when it comes to making videos, so I chose that and added a z".
  • Dizaster has two 'sonas, his primary persona Dizmund Aster, and another.
  • Diz has a long list of enemies in this fandom, many of whom have been former friends who he has long since broken off contact with.
  • Diz will rarely, if ever, trust anyone immediately, due to his trust being broken too many times to count with others
  • Diz's favorite YouTubers as of 11/3/19 are ASMR Zeitgeist, Ponder Sprocket, Doodletones, and MLP-Silver-Quill
  • Diz has a deep-seated hatred for drama.
  • His current top 3 favorite games are Mortal Kombat 11, Stardew Valley, and Super Animal Royale.
  • His least favorite games are the Grand Theft Auto series.
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