General Info Edit

Dizaster is a novice artist and analyst in the brony and furry (sorta) fandom, chipping away at multiple avatars until he finds one he is satisfied with. used to go under the previous title 'night writer'


  • dizaster holds to no upload schedule, as well as no solid content to take priority

Trivia Edit

  • Dizaster's screen name was purely because 'im a disaster when it comes to making videos, so i chose that and added a z'.
  • Dizaster has two sonas, his ponysona diztopia (as shown above) and his fursona dizaster, his fursona being his primary avatar
  • As of January 2018, diz is single both story wise and irl
  • Diz has a long list of enemies in this fandom, most are one sided (him hating them) some to the point where he wouldnt think twice before getting into a fist fight.
  • Diz will rarely, if ever, trust anyone immediately, due to his trust being broken too many times to count with others
  • Diz's favorite youtubers are asmr zeitgeist, aphmau, mumbo jumbo, and mad munchkin
  • Diz's least favorite youtubers are <corrupted inquiry, content erased>
  • His favorite games are overwatch, minecraft, and 100% orange juice
  • His least favorite is the grand theft auto series

Fandom Family Edit



queencorrupted- niece

gear grinder- stepbrother and best friend

silverstarling- mom

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