Doodle Dabble is, like her name, a doodle. She usually appears on the sides of notes, drawn by the Cutie Mark Crusaders, or on Pinkie Pie's recipes and planning books. In general, she can exist on anything that can be drawn on.


Doodle Dabble is an energetic and analytical unicorn. She is big on personal improvement and making people smile, so alongside each criticism she will give some sort of encouragement or way to improve. Doodle Dabble basically wants everyone to become all they can be. Her expressions are very animated, especially her huge yes that take up about half of her face.


Doodle Dabble has a big head and short body; her height is in-between Twilight Sparkle and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Her hair is long, has a lot of volume, and is shaded with blonde bangs and streaks in her tail; one bang is long, the other is short. Five freckles dot each cheek. As stated earlier, her eyes are almost the size of the Power Puff Girls'.

Her human version is a short girl with long, dark hair with blonde bangs and freckles. She wears a Japanese uniform shirt with khaki pants and tennis shoes. Her Rainbow Rocks instrument is the ukulele. Her stars are on her collar.

Cutie Mark:

Five stars in a circle: (clockwise starting from the top) 9-point star, teacher's star, Japanese keyboard star, IMDB star, and magic star. Each represents an aspect of her life she is seeking excellence in; the number of stars signify excellence.


  • Doodling - She can draw on her world and interact with them. She usually uses this for her analyses.
  • Doodle-fying - If she wants to bring someone into her world, she can turn them into a drawing.
  • Singing - Doodle loves to sing.


  • Doodle begun her analysis on DeviantArt, but eventually moved over to YouTube
  • Doodle Dabble was created as a character in development and is always shown as a sketch even outside her notebook.
  • Many people have trouble pronouncing Doodle Dabble's name, especially international bronies and bloggers she interacts with.
  • When other ponies are doodle-fied, they are in full color. Because Doodle Dabble is a sketch, she remains black and white.
  • Doodle's first uploaded collab was with ComicSansPony and they reviewed Friends forever #4.



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