Fornogoodreason (or FNGR for short) is one of the biggest drama lightning rods in the community, and a controversial figure. However, he is also a very influential figure in the community. He is the founder of Limbo, which next to The Rift Cafe and Secret Rift, is one of the most influential rooms in the community. In addition, he is one of The Secret Rift's founding members, and a mod of the room to this day.

Though he refers to himself as an analyst, he spends more time making his Limbo podcasts, as well as a weekly commentary on Brony drama titled 'How Not To Brony'


  • Admits to being an a**hole, and manipulating The Third Moderation
  • Founded Limbo, which at the time was called The PFC Lite
  • Is an ex PFC member
  • One of the earliest members of The Rift Cafe (under The First Moderation)
  • Refers to BritishNinja as 'Jeff'






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