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First introduced to MLP:FIM & the Brony fandom in 2013, Fast Track enjoyed discovering the intriguing writing and animation of the My Little Pony show as well as the many fun, artistic diversity in the fandom. Fast Track became an active member of the brony community in 2015. His YouTube channel includes live reactions, comedy skits, song covers, and his own original series called "Fast Track Attacks". Most of his content is MLP based, though he has other interest including MARVEL, DC, Overwatch, TF2, Star Wars, anime, Disney, RWBY, and other stuff as well. He's very outgoing, creative, and is helpful to others when they need it. However he tends to stray off from reality at random. Fast Track means well, most people just ain't sure if he is well. He is also a member of The Rift City.

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  • Fast Track has a sister named Sound Track, based off his real life (adopted) sister. She has guest starred in a few of Fast Track's videos.
  • In real life, Fast Track works at a Pizza Hut. He has made a few videos depicting his job.
  • He has a pet cat named Rocco.
  • Fast Track's catchphrase "I'm The Best Mama-Jama Whoever Stood In Front Of A Camera!" was taken from a verse from the song Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock by Epic Rap Battles of History
  • Voices four current characters in "Coltland Chronicles" one of which has an audio effect.

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