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Commander Firebrand (or Joshscorcher, or The Fiery Joker...or simply, Josh) is the commander of the Equestrian military base F.O.B. Equestria. And a commander of the royal guard. Firebrand is famed for his love of all things fiery and explosive, as well as his 'super serious' demeanor.


Firebrand, as the name suggests, is knowledgeable of fire spells, but also has a temper on him. As a fictional and nonfictional marine, he has a great knowledge of military etiquette, and his most hated quality is how much the Equestrian Military is portrayed as incompetent, founding FOB to show otherwise. He can be easily frustrated, he can have raging anger issues, and he responds violently to aggravating situations, and attacks people like MLP-Silver-Quill, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, to name a few, when they make a wrong move. For example, calling him an army pony when he's supposed to be of the Navy; or by just cracking derogatory puns.

He is also a bit of a showoff as he can crack jokes of his own, and references things like abridged jokes from TeamFourStar, Family Guy, and so on. He can also be a good leader when given the chance, especially when DRWolf001 left him in charge of protecting the TF2 Analysis Community from DustyKatt and the rampaging robots. He can be dangerous to be around at times because of his explosive personality, but he can be very heart-warming at the same time.


  • Firebrand is Christian
  • Ink Rose and himself were shipped quite frequently in the fandom, and even have two fanon children by the name of Citrus Blossom and Morning Shine.
  • Josh formerly served with the Marines.
  • Firebrand's genderbent (R63) form is named Incendiary.
  • Firebrand also works on the channel FOB Equestria , Which is where he does his reviews that use a pony OC.
  • Is known for his negative opinion on Double Rainboom.
  • Once, as a joke, he was turned into a child, referring to himself as Phoenix Rite.
  • He had a crush on Ink Rose, as he had to confess it when his feelings were distracting him on his first day in the TF2 Analysis Community, and even went to the battlefield when she went out to face DustyKatt in the belief that the mercenaries outnumbered his robotic army. They never got past the first date, and Firebrand is now married to Aramau the Fiery Secretary (AKA Ari).Is married to Aramau the Fiery Secretary as of late 2019. The two previously dated from 2017 to Crystal Mountain Ponycon 2018, where they became engaged.