GeekySteven lives in a small town in the state of Indiana. It doesn't even create a blip on the map. Before doing reviews for the internet, Steven tried a couple different things; one thing being Let's Plays, which he attempted three times, and the other thing being animation, which to this day, he knows nothing about. He eventually found himself having a knack for writing after being inspired by the likes of YouTubers such as SomeCallmeJohnny, Mr.Enter, Caddicarus, and Rebel Taxi. He began writing personal reviews on notebook paper around the 6th grade, and later typed them up on his blog on the MLP Forums. A few people gave him suggestions to try voicing the reviews, which he at first declined, solely on his paranoia that people thought he would be too young. After some convincing from his friend, The Ponyville Critic, he decided to give YouTube one final go, taking inspiration from his last name and his forum name "Geek0zoid" to create a name, "GeekySteven".


  • Geeky has been a gamer since the age of 4. His first owned system was the PlayStation 2, but he prefers Nintendo systems above all others.
  • The first ever exposure Geeky had to MLP was the Equestria Girls movie. To him, it wasn't the most graceful way to be introduced to MLP
  • Geeky's favorite video game of all time is "Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles".
  • Despite spending too much time behind a computer screen, Geeky gets all passing grades in school.
  • Before doing reviews, Geeky tried to do YouTube three times. All three attempts were let's play channels.
  • Most of Geeky's collabs have been with his best friend, The Ponyville Critic.
  • As of Geeky's 200 sub special, his reviews have developed a bit of a story to them. Geeky is now an artificial intelligence (AI) being controlled by the person referred to as "Real Me"
  • That same 200 sub special introduced a malware program character named Malson who is voiced by TheLooneyTurtle.
  • For a review of Friends Forever #3 Geeky collabed with Comic Sans. In said review Geek was sent to Comic via email instead of by puff of smoke like his previous collabs have done.
  • Some people mistake Geeky for being twenty years old!
  • Geeky thinks "Hurricane Fluttershy" and "Sisterhooves Social' are the best episodes in the entire series. A large reason for that is because he finds himself relating to the episodes, as he also has a little brother he often fights with, and he puts himself down at the thought of doing things in front of people.
  • Geeky was a contestant on episode 12 of the game show "My Little Millionaire", where he won $32,000.[1]





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