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HeartSongPony was created on May 22nd, 2013, by Corrie. Inspired by such Bronalysts such as Digibrony (Digibro), Theory Brony, and Bronycurious (Tommy Oliver), HeartSongPony's first video (Headcanon: Are Alicorns Immortal?) was a video response to a Bronycurious video.

After receiving a large number of views and responses, HeartSongPony began making more headcanon videos, and cameoed in other Bronalyst videos. She also engaged in odd Voice acting roles in various fanworks, helped script editing, and did some song covers. On her DeviantArt account (My-Star-Seeker) she made various commissons and fan art.

HeartSongPony has very few videos, almost half are updates following long absenses from her YouTube account due to busy seasons with work, computer complications, and pregnancy.

HeartSongPony's Ponysona is Yellow to mirror her bright personality, has a brown curly mane and brown eyes (mirroring her real life features) to express her honest nature, is an Earth Pony because of her down to earth nature and "farm girl" attitude, and her cutie mark is a pink heart with angel wings, representing rising above her past.

Striking conversation is HeartSongPony's goal; whether about ponies, depression, or philosophy, HeartSong believes that constructing and open conversation builds community, understanding, and confidence.

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