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Heather Blossom is an alicorn princess and is the most radical member of the MLP analysis community. How you ask? By simply being what she is, and that is the most amazing, interesting and all around incredible pegasister any bro could ask for!

In her pre-analysis days she was a monochromatic unicorn in a denim suit but when she decided to take analysis a bit more seriously she threw out any pretense and let her true self show through her OC with no shame! Her inspiration originally drew from the work of Dr. Wolf (whom she had been subscribed to from the beginning of his YouTube career), as she watched him grow with more certainty and complacency each post she too realized her untapped potential and decided to find out how to hone any and all skills she possessed.

This young princess hasn't been on the community scene long but she has already set up a channel with consistent uploads weekly and gained over a hundred subscribers along with great brony-analysis friends in the short time she has been active.


  • Heather Blossom first entered the brony fandom in highschool when she noticed her friends doodling them in class and they introduced her to the show.
  • Heather Blossom's favorite pony is Rarity.
  • Heather Blossom DOES NOT like Rainbow Dash.
  • Her cutie mark is an open book with a pink flower inside.
  • It is unknown what domain Princess Blossom reins over.
  • Heather Blossom is pretty great.
  • She loves pizza.
  • Her editor (Editz Khun) edited her OC into a hotdog suit.
  • Heather's huzbando is Cobra Commander.
  • In her canon origins, Heather Blossom miiiight have become an alicorn by...accident...long story short: shenanigans and returning library books are two things that shouldn't mix. But hey it worked out pretty well for her!
  • She is talented with transfiguration magic (which is how she changes form for videos of different genres).
  • She very much enjoys hoof kissing.
  • She left the Rift when she realized she'd be way more badass as a lone wolf.
  • The halls of her castle are lined in Peanut Wood Gems.









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