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Background Edit

Ice Gaze is a young fandom voice actress, singer and song writer. She is known mainly for her Twilight and Rarity voices, but can also do a wide variety of characters in and out of the MLP fandom. She's been on youtube for 3 years and has helped out with numerous audio dramas, fanfic readings, comic dubs, animations and more.

Personality Edit

Ice Gaze is a sweet teenage girl with a big heart. She wouldn't hurt anyone or anything on purpose, and if she does she'll do anything she can to make it up. She is known mostly by her friends and subs as Ice Block. Despite her age being 17, she's also known to have a soft, childish voice.

Projects Edit

Shadows in Equestria (Color Wonder) ~ Rarity

Daughter of Discord (Disneyfanatic2364) ~ Cinnamon Roll

Pinkie Tales : Cindershy (Magpiepony) ~ Scootaloo/Rat-a-loo

Remembrance (Ashley H) ~ Twilight Sparkle Singing Voice

FNAF : Out With the Old Comic Dub (Gina M) ~ Old Chica

Hooves Divided (FallenWish) ~ Twilight Sparkle

AppleBuck Season Full Fandub (BroadwayJuliet) ~ Mayor Mare, Mrs.Cake and Mr.Cake

A Fluttershy Family (Princess Mika) ~ Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's Mom

Return of Chrysalis (Drac Keagan VA) ~ Twilight Sparkle

Ed+ Adventures in Equestria (Edplus777) ~ Cordelia

Trivia Edit

  • Ice Gaze is a vegan
  • She was on Broadway in Ireland when she was 4 for about a year
  • She was born in Galway, Ireland but moved to America in 2015
  • Her OC is made up of her 3 favorite colors (White, purple and turquoise)
  • She started acting in theatre in 2003 and has been in 30+ plays and musicals since then
  • She can sing above an E-flat 6

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