"If there are any fans out there watching who'd like to help; we'd love your help... I just saw that not a single person is actually watching." - Kat during a live show

About Kat Edit

Kat, AKA Reese 'Kat' Chambers, is a voice actor and a music composer from the Production Group LittleKat Productions that always ends up in the brony community. Interestingly Kat is not a brony, however due to the fact that Kat keeps getting work in the community, Kat has jokingly given themself the title of "Brony By Association".

They also do work on "The Scootertrix Abridged Series" Making original soundtracks for episodes 25 and is a Executive Producer of the show.

Little Kat Edit

Little Kat is the stage name of Kat. Kat makes electronic music and has released multiple albums on Itunes, Spotify and other various platforms.

Beginnings Edit

Kat was originally brought into the community by a friend, TEW_58. Kat has gone on since then to make music and voice within the community.

Trivia Edit

  • Kat started making music in 6th grade in the group IMPACT in 2010.
  • Kat was given the nickname Kat because they acts like a cat, not because of the name LittleKat Productions.
  • Kat is Agender / Asexual.
  • Kat builds and races cars as a hobby.
  • Kat publishes electronic music as Little Kat and publishes soundtrack and orchestral music as Reese 'Kat' Chambers
  • Kat fences rapiers competitively
  • Kat is an Executive producer on Scootertrix the abridged series

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