Keldeo was introduced to the analysis community (and Ponyville) on Dec 5, 2014 under the channel F1r3rw0rks is a Colt. He is voice-acted by F1r3w0rks and his personality and backstory all follow that of his original Pokemon universe counterpart.


Keldeo is very new to Equestrian society, and because of this, he does not always catch on to the niches and behavior of ponies. This kind of behavior is seen when he makes mistakes such as uses the word "everybody" instead of "every pony."

Keldeo has a tendency to show his arrogance somewhat, one of the main reasons for this being that he isn't around his superiors in the Swords of Justice. Due to the separation from his superiors, he is seen to have a much more easy-going and even somewhat sarcastic attitude. As a Pokemon, Keldeo is very surprised if he is recognized in the pony world of Equestria. (but it happens sometimes-- c'mon seriously, who hasn't heard of Pokemon by this point.) He reacts to his recognitions in a somewhat cautious nature because of many attempts to capture him, but sometimes might react a bit egotistically, since people praise him over being a legendary Pokemon.

Videos and Video Style

  • Keldeo Analyzes

Videos where Keldeo takes a look at a certain character in the MLP show (and possibly, on some future occasion, a non-MLP show). These analysis videos don't usually go too in-depth to the character, but they do provide some interactions between Keldeo and the character focused on.

  • Keldeo Vs.

A series still being planned.


  • (Trivia to be added soon.)






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