KeybladeSmasher is a 21-year old Youtuber from the United States. He joined the brony fandom in early January 2013, but became a brony reviewer in June 2015. He has since stopped creating MLP related content and left the fandom, though he still enjoys the show.

His OC is a green-and-orange Earth Pony with the Smash Brothers symbol as his cutie mark.


  • His favorite episode of MLP is "The Perfect Pear", while his least favorite episode is "Spike at Your Service".
  • His favorite pony is Rarity.
  • His favorite cartoon is actually The Simpsons, specifically seasons 1-12.
  • He is proud of being a nerd.
  • He is a dungeon master for a D&D group.
  • His name is derived from his two favorite video game franchises - Kingdom Hearts ("Keyblade") and Super Smash Brothers ("Smasher").
  • Many artists tend to reverse the cutie mark on his left side; this is actually incorrect as the symbol should be facing the same way regardless of which side is showing, making him the only pony where this occurs. This has led to much frustration on his part.
  • He's actually a magical prince from another dimension.



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