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Kikzo The Demon Jackal or better well known as just Kikzo is an an anthropomorphic jackal that happens to also be a demon. He is well known for his AMV videos along with doing the occasional skits and doing voice acting, though he doesn't do skits and voice acting work very often.

Kikzo has also been asked to help edit on other channels and people have done AMV requests to him as well He has done script/video editing and thumbnail editing for Transformerbett , Red Chaos and did requests for AMVS for Jessica Pedley.

Before making a personal channel of his own Kikzo only watched and commented on other YouTuber's videos untill his pal Fuyu helped him make his own channel and taught him how to edit.

Sometime in 2018 Kikzo was invited to go and join a group called the Underground Realm. There he met and became good friends with , Shadow Wizard , Red Chaos , Easter Chu , Jessica Pedley and many others. After the group was disbanded due to drama reasons Kikzo went and started doing stuff on his own channel again instead of joining an new group all together.

In late 2018 Kikzo met Nightshade a female bat pony and a singer who loved Kikzo's channel and work. Soon after a few conversations Kikzo and Nightshade have became fast friends. Nightshade and Kikzo get teased a lot by their pals due to how lovey dovey they act around each other even thought they are simply just friends , well that's what they tell them anyway, Nightshade has done song covers on Kikzo's channel and soon she became a part of Kikzo's channel permanently doing song covers as well as other projects.

Then sometime around early 2020 Nightshade and Kikzo went ahead and decided to go and work together on a channel they both owned and changed Kikzo's channel name to Kikzo The Demon Jackal and Nightshade The Vampire Queen Productions. Where Kikzo and Nightshade go and do song covers , voice work , AMVs and do skits as well as come up with new video ideas for the channel.

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Kikzo's care free , happy ,kind and caring personality that makes his friends and others love him for always being there for them when they need cheering up. As well as his crazy and wild side that makes his friends question Kikzo's sanity and logic. His unique personality keeps him going in his videos and collabing with others. He takes great pride in his AMVs and editing skills. Kikzo will try any new thing even if it kills him in the process.

Kikzo is very intolerant of being rushed with his work and has an anger issues where he snaps when folks rushes him or when he is just ticked of for the tiny bit of things. He has has stress and anxiety issues. He responds to this negatively because he goes into panic mode to the point of him not being able to sleep well at night. He is also emotionally fragile as he can be easy to make upset and sad and depressed yet deep down he hides his own feelings and takes care of others before he takes care of himself.

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Kikzo is born from a race know as Demon Jackals created by the farther of all demons Satan. The first demon Jackal was Anubis and all other jackal's were descended from him. Not much is known about his race other then that Kikzo is the last of his kind.

Kikzo has a sandy coloured coat/fur contrasting with a rusty coloured body with a big fluffy tail , he has a tall slender build and body, and has long pointy ears that face inwards/skin is visible. He has translucent, golden eyes, and a scar on his right eye. The scar is a light red zigzag lighting shape scar on the top and a long curve point to the right on the bottom of the eye. He wears a dark red coat that goes all the way to his legs and ends before it reaches his paws. He wears a yellow shirt as well that covers his chest.

Since Kikzo is a shape-shiffter and is very self conscious if how his true form as a jackal looks and also by order of Princess Luna he has to be disguise as a pony , He is usually seen as a light brown pegasus with shaggy black hair and tail with yellow eyes and his scar on his right eye a red coat that covers his but and rolls up before reaching his hooves.

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He lives in The Crystal Empire and is the roommate of Nightshade. He lives in a cave underneath her house. He loves making deals with folks and loves pulling pranks on them. He will also kill folks for money or go along with other folks schemes as long as he gets something out of it or it benefits him. He shows his true form to only his pals or folks he trusts or likes.

Though he has mentioned bits of it he has not released his full backstory.

All that is know is that he was born in an era forgotten by ponies: The Era of Demons. He never knew his parents because his entire clan was slaughtered by unicorns. He was betrayed by unicorns a lot and went on a rage and vowed to destroy all unicorns. That is all he has ever told any one about his past the rest remains a mystery .Other then someone named Eris , him being cursed to never die and him being imprisoned for eons inside a mirror, and being freed once more to learn that unicorns and other ponies have changed since he was imprisoned.

His past is the reason he dislikes unicorns and mirrors.

Trivia Edit

  • Kikzo is the last of his kind
  • He is one of the few creatures that can hold his ground when fighting an alicorn.
  • He can shape shift into different forms by using a spell or a potion to shape shift to other bronies or creatures.
  • He loves liver and chicken
  • He is considered to be cute and fluffy by his peers even though he wants to send fear down their spines
  • He acts all tough but in reality he is a really sweet pup
  • He is Bisexual
  • His magic is mainly death magic
  • Weird stuff kikzo is known for:
  • Putting on a dress
  • Taking over Transformerbrett's body to destroy Canterlot
  • Setting the Underground Realm on fire after being left in charged for 5 minutes
  • Shipping his friends with a machine gun he calls a "shipping gun"
  • Flirting with his friends
  • getting drunk on lemonade easily

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