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Kikzo is a demon jackal who was born into the city of Anubis 3,000 years ago. He never knew his parents because his entire clan was slaughtered by the unicorns. However, the unicorn queen took pity on him and raised him as her own. But when he found out the truth he went on a rage and vowed to destroy all pony kind not just the unicorns. He started a war and almost won but was imprisoned for 3,000 years in an enchanted mirror.  Afterwards he broke free and vowed to destroy all of Equestria

But then he learned the value of freindship. He isn't good or evil but rather an anti-hero. He lives in ponyville and is the pawn shop owner there.

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He doesn't like bringing up his past or else he will go crazy. He has a psycopathic side that he tries to keep control of but can't all the time. 

He has a love of liver.

He does pretty much anything on his YouTube channel and will accept dares to do anything that can get him killed . He is also a skillful fighter and is tricky to beat in battle cause no one knows what his moves are. He also loves to make deals.

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. Kikzo is the last of his kind

. Is one of the few creatures that can match the strength or even go beyond that of an alicorn

. Can shape shift into different forms, he did this to keep what little sanity he had left while imprisoned but by doing this gave his different forms different personalities than his own.

.His different forms include a demon pony, a timberwolf, a hippogriff, a cat, and a dragon.

.Loves liver

.Was part of The Underground Realm.

.Is consider to be cute by his peers and hates it

.Acts all tough but in reality he is a really sweet pup

Is actually 16 years old in real life, not 25 like he's claimed to everyone

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