LazerHawk, also known as Lightning Spectrum and Lee Bonnel, is a Breezie/Pony/Human. He makes analysis videos along with occasional drama stuff, though not very often.

Before making a personal channel Lazer made videos under the Fortraidders YouTube account. It was a gaming channel he did with his brother and the channel has been inactive for months.

Lazer is the current leader of The Rift City, known for MLP theories as well as for his commentary series A Cup of Tea and addressing Rift City issues when they come up. He doesn't make a lot of content himself, but does a lot of work behind the scenes for the Rift City and hosts streams there fairly often.  

Most of Lazer's "work" time is spent on other channels and people rather than his own. He has done script/video editing for Mirror Marvel, created artwork for many creators including Mirror Marvel and Darkus, and does countless assignments for the Rift City.  

Trivia Edit

  • Posted his first YouTube video for his personal channel on July 14th, 2016.
  • His OC was originally a unicorn but now is a breezie/unicorn hybrid.
  • In a relationship with Mirror Marvel.
  • Is the (un)official Princess of Memes.
  • Has mental illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, and Social Anxiety.
  • Lives in the U.S.

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