Eclipse found MLP through the react channel, when Teens reacted to My Little Pony. He went on a personal strike against MLP, and he even declared himself an Anti-Brony. After a while his disgust over mlp lessened though he regarded the show and its fans "Weirdos." However, over the summer he found someone important to him, and she introduced him to MLP a second time, and after a couple month of watching fan-animations he was a brony. After a year or two of watching fan-works, he finally wanted to make his own YouTube channel, and he saw opportunity for something to do in the fandom. 

Reviewing the ReviewerEdit

It's when he takes the review of any known analyzer, and he reviews them. Though he tends to change it up every now and then, animations, reactors, and singer. though he has the common courtesy to send the people or things he reviews to the owners.Edit

Lunar's BackstoryEdit

Over a thousand years old, he once was Star Swirl the Bearded's closest friend, until they had an unfortunate falling out that forced him to be banished inside the Tree of Harmony for over a thousand years. Then when Luna returned as Nightmare Moon, and when the Elements where revealed, it disturbed the magic of the cave, and after a couple of days resting in the cave Celestia visited him after finding one of Star Swirl's hidden scrolls. They nearly fought, but after sharing his story Celestia agreed to hire him as her personal and secret Librarian. In the cave he went by another name, Black Buck, however when the Elements were discovered, he returned to his pony form. He has lived through the Windigos, lived when Celestia and Luna first ruled, and was even at their coronation. Though has a tendency to change the story. Celestia and Luna come to him for info about past villains and civilizations though he is quiet adapt at enchanting, and weaponry.

Trivia Edit

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