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Silver Quill was born to his griffon father and pony mother, making him a Hippogryph. Unfortunately, this has made him incredibly unstable.


Silver Quill has traits of kindness and traits of being an "rude, insensitive jerk" He claims that his life has flashed before him more times than he can remember due to his actions, yet he manages to stay alive. This has made him DRWolf001's number one patient, but he does not seem to mind.


  • Silver Quill's OC is a "Hippogryph", half-pony, half-griffon.
  • Currently stands as the record holder for most injuries for an MLP reviewer (In his After The Fact series) having been:
    • Caught in a tidal wave of Slash Fiction
    • Captured by star spiders
    • Beaten up by Rainbow Dash
    • Electrified (multiple times)
    • Having Wolverine Claws come out of his hands (Saying that it "Hurts so much")
    • Subjected to indecent exposure
    • Sent into a parody of Spider-Man: One More Day
    • Getting intoxicated (Again, multiple times in multiple videos)
    • Sea Ponies
    • Stupid Pills
    • Watching Princess Promenade
    • Going through the Scariest Cave in Equestria (Startup Disk being full)
    • Attacked (And Shipped) with Slender Mare
    • Sent to the moon (Via Big Mac after being shipped with Pinkie Pie)
    • Hit by Eliyora's Time Traveling Delorean
    • Dying of Cuteness 
    • Caught in a Explosion (Pop Rocks and Soda)
    • Attacked by the Everfree Forest
    • Stepped on by Tirek
    • Having a scouter blown up in his face
    • Getting ran over by Ultra Pony Roller Derby Cadance
    • Fought Celestia and Luna for the Crown (human form)
    • Fell off of Canterlot High. (human form)
    • Destroyed via the Crystal Heart (minion form)
    • Trampled by Derpy Hooves
    • Blown away by Shining Armor
    • Pushed into an alternate dimension
    • Beaten up by everyone in the Show and Fandom
    • Attacked into the human dimension and back
    • Had his head turned into an orange by Princess Twilight Sparkle
    • Fallen into a volcano
    • Gotten a deadly brain freeze
    • Stomped on by the Tantabus (over and over again)
    • Is nearly beaten up by an angry mob consisting of the Mane Six, the Royal Family, and Big Macintosh over all the jokes made at their expense of the series run
    • Gets beaten up by Rarity and stuffed in a suit that Silver thinks she "made from his own tears"
    • Gets trampled by a muffin-crazed Derpy
    • Ends up with a megaphone on his head (again) for disturbing Princess Twilight's sleep and making crude comments about the bags under her eyes;
    • Blasted by Vegeta
    • Has a fake invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala explode in his face
    • Gets thrown out of the Crystal Palace by Shining Armor
    • Knocked into an alternate dimension by Voice of Reason
    • Trampled underhooves by DustyKatt
    • Hit by a car gets crushed by a falling divan;
    • Thrown off of Canterlot's mountain
    • Run over twice by a speeding Rainbow Dash
    • Decapitated by a guillotine and put his head back on upside-down,
    • Blasted into the sky by Luna for calling her a "crone
    • Been rendered comatose by Eliyora with curse words
    • Been trampled by the Apple clan, a mob of shippers and a giant rock (in that order)
    • Got a painful medical check from Keyframe that included an suppository against his will
    • Got his butt kicked from Glup from the Hercioids
    • Got chestbursted by a gingerbread version of himself
    • Joined the Wonderbolts on accident by way of a new drinking game
    • Had to do wingups with DustyKatt on his back
    • Got thrown out by him
    • Gets punched by Sunset Shimmer after making a joke about her having a future career in masonry. (human form)
    • Thrown into Overwatch by Reinhardt
  • He also REALLY loves ham sandwiches.
  • Silver has an OC named Clutterstep.
  • Although not many ponies know this, Silver is a very talented vector and comic artist.
  • In real life at BronyCon 2015, Silver "fainted" due to the smell of ToonKritic's hat.
  • According to ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Silver Quill dying solves EVERYTHING!!!!
  • Happens to be friends with Doctor Whooves, Sombra, Slendermane, the Tatzlwurm and Starlight Glimmer.
  • Silver seems to have a problem with other reviwers randomly apearing in his bedroom during conventions even though "he locks the door".
  • He is a Bizzarogryph since his review of My Little Pony: The Movie
  • In DRWolf001's TF2 series, "Analysis Anarchy", Silver was the original RED Heavy. On November 2, 2020, Silver announced that he would be leaving the "TF2 Analysis" series following the release of the six-part event, "RED vs BLU".





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