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MadKing is an active member of the rife cafe. He is a gamer, musician, voice actor and animator. He also has knowledge in computing and game design. MadKing is a member of LoneBronyProductions, he was one of the 5 founders. He ran Lonebrony productions at one stage. He joined the fandom back in 2012 and started to make pony PMV's until he left the fandom in early 2014, only to join back in late 2014. In early September of 2017 Madking would be greatly effected by the passing of a good friend (who he knew personally) and Member of LoneBronyProductions. He would take an absence of leave from the group for a few weeks to recover from the tragedy. In late 2017 MadKing would became a member of The Void Outpost along with Lonebrony. He would help moderate the lonebronyproductions channel from June 2017 to the current time. During this period he would create his own channel where he would do speed runs and other gaming related videos.

Trivia []

  • Is Australian
  • Met LoneBrony on the Manechat discord server, when realising they lived close to each other meet up in Melbourne city
  • Joined fandom in 2012
  • Does speedrunning as a side hobby
  • OC named after the Star in mario Brothers
  • The name Mad King was to pay homage to the Counter-Strike 1.6, Online & Global Offensive Clan 'The Mad Kings' he was apart of for many years

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