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Maquette (aka Mackey) is an MLP artist and animator and head of Calamity Studios' Youtube channel and DeviantART. Starting in 2015, she creates content mainly for Undertale and MLP in the form of illustrations, comics, voice dubs and animations.

Mackey was born in Canterlot to Special Education and an unnamed wolf father. She has a younger brother named Raspberry James.

Mackey is unable to use much of her magic due to her being a hybrid, whereas James inherited the magical genes instead. She now runs Calamity Studios, an art and animation studio with her brother and their four friends Time Alchemist, Gonzy, Temdere and Domano.

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  • Mackey's name was going to be "Midnight Maya", but the creator decided against it since she was focused on 2D animation. ("Keyframe" was another option, but the name was already taken.)
  • Mackey is a lupicorn, a hybrid of a wolf and a unicorn.
  • Maquette often refers to her OC as "Mackey", and herself by her full name.
  • When using Mackey as her sona, Maquette will draw herself wearing purple glasses as she wears them in real life.
  • Mackey has an imaginary friend named Dema.

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