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Mattwo's storywriter(which is what he calls himself to differentiate himself from his main original character) is a cross-fandom artist who started making a name for himself around late 2011 when he started making pictures, comics and videos in Garry's Mod.

In more recent times, he grew sick of Web 2.0 websites treating their users like garbage and stopped uploading to YouTube, switching his video upload site to Zippcast and stopped uploading to Tumblr and Deviantart as well, with no replacement for these sites having presently been found.

However, Zippcast turned out to be a poor alternative in the end as the site's owner turned out to be a narcissistic sociopath and he has returned to using mainstream social media.

He also tried using Vidme in conjunction with YouTube but he quickly learned that Vidme was also not worth using for a number of reasons, not least of which was their refusal to verify him in spite of verifying channels with less content than his and the utter and complete lack of professionalism from the Staff.

He has also in the past also tried sites such as Vidbit, VidBitFuture, Vidlii and BitChute but due to shutdowns and distrust towards the administrators, he ultimately decided to just stick to YouTube while using Internet Archive as a backup.

He has removed himself from both the Rift Cafe Discord and Skype but is still a member of the Duelists of the Rift Skype group and is a member of the Brony Battle Royale Discord and Skype as a member of the game's roster and the Reactions of Harmony Discord both of which have members from the Rift Cafe Skype and Discord.

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Mattwo usually takes the form of a metro cop from Half-Life 2 with blue eye lenses in his mask (though he is occasionally confused with the one with yellow lenses that infamously forces you to "pick up the can"...), though he has other forms he takes on depending on what he is reviewing.

He once had a pony form but it only ever appeared once in a concept piece and he mostly just brings in his storywriter's pair of pony OCs, the Ace Wings whenever he covers something MLP related. Incidentally, he only has a handful of MLP-related reviews at the moment.

While he is a god trapped in a mortal body, several restrictions were placed on him, such as not being allowed to interfere with mortals unless they pose a threat to him as his respawn times can get very lengthy and inconvenient (a rule he sometimes breaks) and as he is stuck in a mortal body, he is bound by the rules of the physical plane: No omniscience (gives him a headache) or omnipresence (which is literally impossible on the physical plane for a number of reasons) and he has to scale his power to properly match whoever he might be fighting against (no omnipotence).

History Edit


  • Mattwo's name is derived from Mewtwo.
  • Mattwo was originally conceived when his Storywriter was in middle school.
    • He was brought back to act as an indirect avatar for his storywriter's Tumblr askblog and now primarily serves as the character for his review show.
  • He is not the metro cop that tells you to pick up the can, that one has YELLOW eye lenses.
  • Mattwo's door leads to a nexus universe completely separate from those of the other members of the rift cafe with its own group of alternate versions of Equestria.
    • At least one of these versions of Equestria is an alternate version of the canon one. The Ace Wings come from the version located in the Nexus Zone, the original part of Mattwo's universe that wasn't merged from any other universes and created by Mattwo himself before merging other universes into his universe. This universe for the most part runs concurrent to the canon of the show, as Mattwo's storywriter tends to focus on events between episodes or on rare occasions, alternate perspectives of said episodes. This version of Equestria however tends to dive into fanon territory at times, with the Nexus Zone's Equestria's Dr. Hooves officially being a "time charger" from the planet Gallopfrey and is the father of both Amethyst Star and Dinky Doo by means that have been left intentionally unknown for example.



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