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Meemie is an artist who got her start on youtube making artwork for DRWolf. She then moved on to starting a comic series on her DeviantART page called "Poking Fun at Ponies" where she creates fan artwork depicting several bronies in a comical light. Recently, she has been taking part in other videos from other creators such as the Rift Cafe Cafe Cast.

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  • Meemie's OC comes from a pokemon comic series she has been working on for four years. They post on both her DeviantART account and her Smackjeeves account. She recieves over 10,000 views on her work monthly.
  • In real life, Meemie studies at Indiana University as a Psychology major, planning on obtaining her Bachelor's degree and advancing to graduate school afterwards.
  • Meemie was once an animator for an online community, Flipnote Hatena, a sharing site linked to the DSi application, Flipnote Studio. She produced over fifty short videos until Flipnote Hatena shut down its site on May 30, 2013.

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Videos With Her Artwork:

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