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Mibevan is a(n) director, editor, writer, photographer, videographer, actor, voice actor, and comedian. He's best known for his active work in his own independent media company Shaded Scythe Studios. He's well known for his work in the Brony Reaction Parody Series, "Mystery Brony Theater 4000" (MBT4K) and his various Pony parody videos including "Maud Pie Uses Geass" and "Death Note Shimmer". He also wrote and directed the failed pony fanfic and audio book series, "The Farmer and The Rocker".

He's also known and praised for directing the short creepypasta adaptation of "Easter Egg- Snow On Mt. Silver", as well as his convention videography series, "Con Combers".

Evan got into the fandom in 2012 while he was in college. During this time he was struggling to make friends and was often put in the middle his divorced parents fights (no abuse). Evan has stated:

"If I hadn't joined this fandom, I'd probably be dead. After Joining this fandom I went to see Equestria Girls. When I went to the premiere I made over 50 Friends at once in a day."

Evan often likes reacting to other videos, and making pony parodies, as well as other parodies on his YouTube Channels. He's worked with other Brony Analysts such Brawny Buck, Bright Idea, The Concert Cruizer, and Fast Track (Cancelled collaboration). He's also worked with Joey O, Bruce Carr, and Star Light Ginger Pony.

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