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Faith has been a YouTuber since they were a small little random squeaker doing 360's off highrise. Starting off in counter strike 1.6 Faith didn't aspire to fame until the game modern warfare 2 for the Xbox 360. This game started their YouTube "career" and allowed Faith to find their passion for 3D animation and gaming. Faith formed one of the first teams to get a partnership with Machinima They became number one on various competitive forms before getting tired of games, and fighting over revenue and work splits because Tommy is a lazy jerk. Afterwards Faith found My Little Pony, They were disgusted and strangely interested. Faith started their first pony YouTube channel and instantly found lighting striking, and Hasbro striking right back. Faith became somewhat famous for their rants on Hasbro, and garnered support for their call to actions against Hasbro. Faith has since made multiple channels and started the first brony network to sign the YouTube contract. They now control the brony community from the shadows, people are a part of it, even when they don't know it.

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Faith never really joined, called, or talked much. Faith was banned for reasons unknown (currently unbaned). To this day the only known reason for said banning is the inherent patriarchy of the cis white male leaders of The Rift.

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