Vega'sGalaxy is a speedpainting YouTuber who makes the occasional gaming video. She will appear randomly, you cannot escape her. She has another YouTube account doing similar things and 2 DeviantArt accounts because she worried she would be judged for drawing MLP. She hopes to start illustrating professionally and to become a author at some point in her life.

Momo is known for being one of the few females in the Rift City and is planning on taking over... She a bit of a loser but makes up for it with jokes that should possibly be never said a loud.

Currently she's been busy with college/university work but tries to get videos done when bothered/has time, yet she will find time to help others on their own projects and problems.

Trivia Edit

  • Is a real grill, tits are confirmed.
  • Owns rabbit, named Jack, who sits on her breasts... 'His Throne'.
  • Will love all, no-one is safe.
  • Is very good at getting banned from Youtube Livestreaming.
  • Is in WAAAY too many fandoms.
  • Currently developing a Pokemon game.
  • Does some shitty voice acting and impressions.

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