Museo Sans is a possible reoccurring character in My 2 Bits, a review show produced by ComicSansPony.

Background Edit

The standard rule 63 OC of Comic Sans. Originally created for use in Lightning Bliss's magic lesson series. She has the potential to be a separate sentient character in the My 2 Bits Universe, but has only currently been used once with no future plans as of yet to use her again. She is voiced by the person who draws Her, Comic's, Jet's, and Coolman Stan's OCs, who goes by MombaTroopa on Deviant art.

Character Edit

She is currently just the manifestation of a accidental Rule 63 spell cast by Lightning Bliss while in "god mode" in her magic lesson taught by Comic. There is no other notable character traits aside from her being a Female version of Comic. Technically she shares all established backstory with Comic.

Trivia Edit

  • Museo is the Rule 63 OC of Comic Sans
  • Museo's "creation" was during the magic lesson taught to Lightning Bliss by Comic.
    • In this appearance it was technically Comic in the body of Museo.
    • The credits accidentally called her Museo Comic.
  • Museo's "creation" was jokingly foreshadowed in episode 13 of My 2 Bits by both Jet and Comic.
    • This was long before Lightning Bliss had any plans for her magic lessons mini series.
  • Museo speaks with British accent due to her VA being from England.
  • Her VA is also the artist who makes the OC drawings of all the characters in My 2 Bits, except for Gumshoe.
  • Her VA also drew the SERC/WERA and Comic's Bedroom set.
  • Museo has not shown up in any episode of My 2 Bits.
  • Museo may return as a separate and sentient character in My 2 Bits, but not plans currently exist to bring her back.
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