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Nathan (or Nate, as he likes to be called) has gone by several aliases during his time as a Brony, such as TheBronySpartanLazer, HaxNathan29, AkatsukiNate, and most recently, NateStoleYourWaifu. One day he decided to watch MLP just for the heck of it, and fell in love with the characters and the stories. Inspired by many Bronies including MLP-Silver-Quil, DrWolf001, Firebrand, and Lightning Bliss, Nate set out to make his own YouTube content.

Since second grade, Nathan has been using an OC version of himself known as "Super Nathan", who has gone through many changes, such as having a pony form named "Thunda Lovestruck", though that name and incarnation of the character was dropped when Nate temporarily lost interest in the show due to the release of Dragonball Super causing a much stronger interest in Dragonball. Nate's OC, currently named "Nate Gaffnatron", a Nephalem bounty hunter, went on many different adventures and met many different characters depending on what Nate was interested at the time, such as fighting and killing Yellow Diamond, The Dazzlings, Emperor Vitiate, and many more. Nate is also notorious for having an unreasonable amount of waifus, even if other people share the same waifu, jokingly claiming he "stole your waifu", such as when he stole Hekapoo from his friend back in high school.

Around the end of 2019, Nate would later join the "Duelists of The Cyber Realm" Discord server, befriending many of its owners and creators such as Digigex90 and ROKBOT3000 (also known as WildCard). Nate would then ask if he were to make a series, if it could be a spinoff of Duelists of The Cyber Realm, to which Digigex90 agreed. Nate had made a lot of videos before hand, but none had really stuck out as anything impressive due to both a lack of time and a good editing software. However, during Spring 2020, he uploaded his first Yu-Gi-OH! dueling video, test running the KineMaster Video Editing App, and, with its relative success, Nate's Bizarre Dueling was born. For the remainder of the year, due to both school and Cadets, Nate was only able to make two more Dueling videos, "Duel of The Roommates", and "Spoil of the Speed", where he outright buried the mother of Diamond Tiara, Spoiled Rich, in a Speed Duel. As of this moment, a third episode is in development, though its release and status is unknown, as Nate has had to prepare for college and/or the Navy, whichever he gets into first.

OC Backstory[]

Nate Akatsuki joined the Equestrian Navy as soon as he got out of high school in Ponyville, along with his marefriend Lamia Bloodrunner, best friend Dormack Slusk, and eternal rival Shake Malakross. After serving for 4 years and impressing his superiors, Nate and his friends were chosen to join the Special Forces Unit, whose task was to hunt down any potentially dangerous artifacts. Two such artifacts or rather, Duel Spirits, were Exodia The Forbidden One, and Armityle The Chaos Phantasm; two creatures whose power rivalled that of the Egyptian God Cards. Seeking their own power to combat the foes of Equestria and secretly planning to conquer and democratize Equestria, Nate and Shake set out to gain the power of each of these monsters; Nate gaining Exodia's power, Shake gaining Armityle's power. After obtaining this power, the 4 friends left the military and pursued a career as bounty hunters; tracking down and eliminating threats too dark for an E-Y7 rated Cartoon about talking horses to handle. As time went on, Nate would later move to Manehattan to help spread out the reach of his and his friends' team of bounty hunters, now calling themselves Team Malachor. Nate would move in with Terence Blue, a tremendously wide Angry Bird who needed someone who could help him pay rent, and the bounty hunter bringing in 5,000 Bits a month was more than glad to. However, shortly after moving in Nate realized he forgot his cards back at the team's old place in Ponyville, quickly sending a message to them to come bring the cards to him.

During this time however, it was revealed that Grogar, an ancient enemy of Equestria had returned, and was now beginning to wage war on Equestria with an army of Shadow Duelists. Knowing there was a lack of duelists with both the dueling skill and spiritual power in Duel Spirits to face this threat, Shake offered Princess Twilight Sparkle his intervention, but was denied as Digigex90; leader of The Cyber Realm Duelists, had it under control. Though offended by this, Shake and Twilight struck a deal for Team Malachor to step in and assist if the conflict came to a full-scale war that became too much to handle.

During this time, Nate assembled a mishmash deck of random cards to use until he managed to get his original deck back, though currently what that deck will be is unknown. He dueled against Terence defeating the bird's Crystal Beast deck, and would later fight and bury Spoiled Rich in the first ever recorded Brony Speed Dueling video.

Since he had gained power of Exodia, Nate was given the Duel Spirit known as Exodius The Ultimate Forbidden Lord, a Monster who could summon the Forbidden One should all 5 Pieces of Exodia hit the Graveyard, and gained more power depending on the number of Normal Monsters in the Graveyard. On top of this, Nate has access to a portion of Exodia's power, much like Adrian Gecko did in Yu-Gi-Oh GX season 3, though instead of sacrificing the one he loved most, he offered up his Soul to where if Nate ever lost a Shadow Duel; Nate's soul would be given to Exodia and consumed; never allowing him to return to the mortal realm suffering in the depths of Tartarus for eternity.


  • Nate joined the fandom at around the end of 2013, when he was 11.