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Nick is a regular Earth pony who loves to do alchemy and uses his potions to even play tricks on fellow ponies. For example, he loves using an disappearing potion when he wants to mess with others.

Anytime a potion is used by accident and something goes wrong, he's usually blamed for it, considering he does alchemy.

Nick loves to make friends and tries to make others happy.

Nick founded the Underground Realm and while he left it in mid June of 2018, he came back some time later only to leave again after conflicts with the members and his mental health issues but claims he is getting help. Slowly and steady.

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  • Was in a relationship with RomanceWriter1 but the two broke up in July 2018.
  • Hasn't uploaded a video on his channel in 3 years since copyright on YouTube got bad but he plans to make videos such as reviews when he can.
  • Has done nothing to earn his title.
  • Left the fandom but still wants to go to Bronycon. No one knows why.

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