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Officer Trigger Happy is one of the fandoms most talented and most obscure analysts. Quite possibly one the community's greatest hidden gems, Trigger is known (to those aware of him) for his tendency toward unpopular opinions. Which are often the focus of his trademark series, What Do I Know?. This has given him a reputation as a contrarian to some.

He is supposedly a police officer in The Rift, and even has a jail cell on his channel. However, the closest he's gotten to policing was attempting to arrest Wooden Sword for stealing his line. (failing, due to Wooden Sword having a higher subscriber count) Investigation continues on the Changeling, Sneaky, however. He creates his videos with his brother Deputy Reigns, whom Trigger himself has described as his strawman. Deputy also happens to inhabit their jail cell more often than actual criminals. (usually as a result of Changeling meddling). We hope for Trigger's sake that he is in fact an officer. Even in The Rift, the penalty for impersonating one is very steep.

Trigger's content is very deep in nature, and bears a surprising resemblance to Firebrand's Taking Ponies Too Seriously. There is however enough difference in both style and opinion to differenciate itself. This is generally the result of his unique persona as an unorthadox police officer, and unpopular yet profound opinions.

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  • Doesn't like toppings on his pizza
  • His Overwatch main is Reaper
  • Wishes the VA for Prince Zuko would guest star in MLP
  • Addicted to Mello Yello
  • Maintains a rivalry with A.S.H. the Anti Starlight Hater

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